Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown: The Best Peanuts Parody Ever!

Things have been pretty busy for me lately over in my corner of the geek-o-verse, so I thought I would take this time to share with you this hilarious cartoon short, "Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown":

The Peanuts comic strip by the late Charles M. Schultz (as well as its ample supply of licensed merchandise and ancillary media titles such as holiday specials and feature-length movies) had become such an institution during its original 50 year run, so much so that newspapers still feature it on their comics pages over a decade since Schultz's death. Thus, there have been many, many parodies of the strip, yet I think that so few of them are as funny (and as wildly violent) as "Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown".

I first saw this 1986 short while I was in college, when it was making its rounds on VHS bootlegs in Japanese anime fan clubs. (Sadly, the video quality of the short is pretty poor, and I doubt that it will ever get a "special edition" treatment.) The short was made by Jim Reardon, whose subsequent career would include Tiny Toon Adventures, The Simpsons and WALL-E. Be sure to check out the short's credits, which includes a "please don't sue me" disclaimer intended for Schultz. Happiness is a warm Uzi, indeed.


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