NECA Brings Aliens, Robots and Caped Crusaders to Toy Fair 2013

It's February, which means that yet another Toy Fair has come and gone. I've looked through many of the horror and sci-fi offerings that were displayed at this year's event, and I'm glad to say that the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) keeps bringing the good stuff to the geek masses at affordable prices. Click below for a list of what NECA has in store for horror and sci-fi collectors later this year, complete with pictures courtesy of NECA and


I don't know exactly how valuable the Predator toy license is but if the 2013 preview items are any indication, this product line must be doing extremely well for NECA. So far, NECA has produced replicas of just about every Predator to appear in the stand-alone movies and the AvP spin-offs, so what could possibly be left? The skull trophy case from Predator 2, that's what. The trophy case includes all of the skulls that were seen in the 1990 sequel, and it's on the same scale as NECA's Predator figures.

NECA will also be releasing series 10 of their Predator figure line. The latest series includes action figures that are based on action figures from Kenner's Predator toy line from the 90s, with some sculpt modifications to make the original designs more movie-accurate.


With the eagerly awaited Aliens: Colonial Marines video game arriving this week, some Aliens merchandise will also be appearing on toy store shelves as well. NECA's contributions to the Aliens revival include action figures based on the Colonial Marines characters from Aliens--namely, Hicks and Hudson--and Alien Warriors with varying degrees of battle damage. Whether NECA will continue its Aliens line to include nods to Kenner's Aliens toy line from the 90s remains to be seen.


NECA hasn't done much with the Robocop toy license so far, although it deserves kudos for finally giving fans a Robocop figure with a movie-accurate spring-loaded pistol holder built into the figure's right thigh. As an encore to that accomplishment, NECA will be releasing an ED-209 figure this summer.

Pacific Rim

Speaking of robots, Robocop isn't the only mech-centric license in NECA's portfolio. NECA has also picked up the toy license for Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro's kaiju-vs.-giant-robots epic that will hit movie theaters later this year. So far, NECA's Pacific Rim line includes three robots from the movie: Gypsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka.


Like many other toy companies, NECA has eagerly jumped on the superhero bandwagon in the search of blockbuster profits. Upcoming NECA figures include versions of Captain America and Iron Man that are based on the latest live-action films; however, when it comes to Batman, NECA has decided to go retro with Batman figures based on the Adam West and Michael Keaton versions of the classic DC superhero.

NECA isn't the only company to look to the past for future superhero toys. Mattel plans to release a full series of action figures and vehicles based on the 1966 live-action Batman TV series.


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