Sesame Street Fighter, Brought to You by the Letters K and O

I've played many different kinds of video games over the years, but I rarely spent time with fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. This was due to my inability to mash fight move buttons fast enough and in the right sequence, because this particular lack of skill predictably led to my virtual butt being kicked within seconds. Thankfully, someone over at decided to show mercy on mashing-deficient gamers such as me and created a wickedly funny game that anyone who can type can play: Sesame Street Fighter!

This game is exactly what its title suggests: It's a mash-up of characters and theme music from Sesame Street and Street Fighter put into a fighting game. However, instead of beating your opponent by hitting the right combinations of fight move buttons, you just have to type a series of words fast enough and victory is yours. In Sesame Street Fighter, you get to see 'roided-up muppets beat the felt out of each other while sharpening your typing skills. Now that's Muppetational!


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