NECA Enters the Die-Cast Replicas Market with Cinemachines

Oh, NECA ... you just keep getting cooler.

Between its ongoing Predator action figure line and its expanding line of Alien action figures, I'm in nerd heaven. Yet it appears that someone at NECA thinks that figures aren't enough for fans and collectors, so it's releasing a series of six-inch, die-cast replicas of vehicles from sci-fi movies in its new Cinemachines line.

The initial Cinemachines items will be four vehicles from Alien and four from Aliens (see above). In addition to the Colonial Marine vehicles from Aliens, the line will also include a Daihotai Tractor, a vehicle that only appeared in the director's cut of the sequel. (Fun trivia fact: Micro Machines also planned on releasing a Daihotai Tractor as part of its Aliens Action Fleet line back in the '90s, but only a prototype was made.) Upcoming releases will include an Aerial Hunter-Killer (HK) and HK Tank from The Terminator, as well as the space ship that was briefly seen in the first few minutes of Predator.

NECA Cinemachines' Aerial HK (above) and HK Tank (below).

Plenty of vehicles from other movies could be added to Cinemachines, although whether they'll produce more from the Alien, Predator and/or Terminator franchises remains to be seen. These replicas are much cheaper than most other collectibles; however, with a price tag that averages at $25 per item, fans could easily spend a significant chunk of change if they want to collect the entire Cinemachines line.


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