Lego Dimensions Goes Old School with Midway Arcade Classics

Because of my video gaming geekery, I've been monitoring the recent releases of the "toys-to-life" market of video games--particularly Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions--to see what this new format can contribute to the video gaming experience. While it looks like fun to be able to play with characters from various franchises, I'm not sure if this format provides anything so unique or original to justify purchasing a video game that requires even more purchases to get the full value out of the game. This is especially true for Lego, which already has many video games available with brick-based game play that don't require any additional components at all.

However, one of the latest installments for Lego Dimensions looks extremely promising--at least for veteran gamers such as myself. It's called "Midway Arcade", and it is based on classic arcade games that were released by Midway during the '80s. According to what I've read, the Midway Arcade pack will include titles such as Defender, Joust, Paperboy, Rampage and Spyhunter. This means that not only will players fight against characters from these games in a Lego-based environment, but they will also unlock playable versions of over 20 games as they originally appeared in arcades--all of that in just one Lego Dimensions pack! Furthermore, I think that there's something intriguing about video games with blocky 8-bit graphics playing a central role in another video game that's based on blocky Lego logic.

Click below to see the teaser trailer.


  1. Oh WOW! Looks like everything Pixels could've been, and more!

    Out of all these toy/game things, I'm still enjoying Skylanders the most, but the potential and pure RANGE of Lego Dimensions is a definite winner.

    1. Yeah, it does look like plenty of fun (and yes--it's everything Pixels should've been). I just wish I had more money for this sort of stuff.


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