Eerie Publications' Horror Comics Cover Art: Once, Twice, Three Times the Terror

During the Halloween season the other week, the Monster Brains blog did a series of posts devoted to the comic book cover art from the various horror titles published by Eerie Publications during the 60s and 70s. These anthology titles included Witches' Tales, Tales of Voodoo, Weird, Terror Tales, Tales From The Tomb and Horror Tales. The covers of these comics are fantastic examples of pulp horror art, both grisly and lurid (and somewhat sleazy) in equal measure. I'm convinced that the artists who produced the colorful VHS cover art for low budget horror movies during the 80s were heavily influenced by these comics.

Yet what surprised me when viewing the cover posted by Monster Brains was how much Eerie Publications reused the same art across their various titles. Not all of the covers are repeats, but just enough are that it's hard not to notice. I suppose there are only so many ways that a comic book artist can show people being bitten, stabbed, dismembered and decapitated in a single panel, as there are only so many ways that one can show vampires, mummies, werewolves, demons, zombies and mad scientists attacking both helpless victims and each other. Some covers are exact duplicates, others are near matches, while even more are combinations of the same characters with different backgrounds. Click below to see how much Eerie Publications believed in recycling.

The Duplicates:

The Near Duplicates:

The Mix-and-Matches:


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