The Art of Tron: Uprising (Part 2 of 4): Vehicles and Equipment

In this second of four posts devoted to the art of Tron: Uprising, we'll be taking a look at the vehicles and equipment used by the characters in Uprising.

The original Tron movie revealed a selection of vehicles and equipment that became closely associated with the franchise. The Light Cycles, Recognizers, Light Tanks, and Identity Discs of Tron were also featured prominently in the movie's tie-in arcade games and would reappear later with updated designs in Tron 2.0 and Tron: Legacy. Uprising featured these same items as well, along with new vehicles and equipment that are analogous to things in the real world: boats, helicopters, rail transportation, and hand-held tools. Of particular significance is the Recoder tool used by Beck, which gave fans a look at how programs assemble, disassemble and repair the virtual machinery within the Grid. Click below to see the portfolio of vehicles and equipment from Tron: Uprising.

Light Cycles





Other Vehicles


I pulled the above pictures from the sites of Jojo Aguilar, Vaughan Ling, Annis Naeem, Phil Saunders and Daniel Simon, artists who contributed their talents to the production of Tron: Uprising, as well as from other sources. Additional art can be found on the Tron Lives: Uprising Art site.


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