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On Sale Now: Son of Unsung Horrors Movie Review Book

One of the great things about horror movie blogging is when an opportunity arises to contribute to a project that's designed to appeal to the larger horror fan community. Case in point: Son of Unsung Horrors, a compilation of movie reviews from Buzzy Krotik Productions, the publisher of the We Belong Dead fanzine.

As the title suggests, Son of Unsung Horrors is a follow up to 2016's Unsung Horrors book. Both titles assemble reviews of movies that some fans feel should receive more attention from the larger critical community and pop culture in general. As such, these reviews include both the author's experience with the film and the critical assessment of the film's worth within the horror genre, a perspective that many horror fans should find interesting.

I've read some comments online about how the term "unsung" may not be appropriate for all of the films that are reviewed in these books, since some of them have received wide theatrical release and are …

FOUND: Mechanical Shark from Universal Jaws Theme Park Ride

When the Universal Studios Theme Park in Florida shut down its Jaws ride back in January 2012, Jaws fans everywhere were devastated. Yet even though this part of the Jaws franchise is no longer operational, some of its sharks are swimming around out there … including places such as Frederick, Maryland.

A few days ago, I was contacted by a fellow Jaws fan named John Ryan, asking me if I knew anything specific regarding the sharks from the Universal Jaws ride. He was asking because he thought he found one and is trying to verify its authenticity. We spoke on the phone and exchanged a few emails, and here’s what he told me about his find:

“I've been collecting Jaws memorabilia for decades and when I found this incredibly rare gem sitting in a backyard in Frederick, Maryland, I wondered about its connection to the state. The current homeowners said the shark was already there when they purchased the property. They also told me it had been the subject of neighborhood rumor for years. …

Toy Fair 2018: Aliens vs. Predator, Ghostbusters, Planet of the Apes, and Universal Monsters

The Annual North American International Toy Fair was held in New York City last weekend and as with most high-profile nerd events, I was not able to attend. Nevertheless, I looked through the ample coverage provided on Toyark and thought that I would highlight a few notable released that are scheduled for later this year.

In addition to the tons of DC, Marvel and Star Wars toys that were on display, here are a few items from Toy Fair ‘18 that should interest those who love collectible toys that are based on vintage horror and sci-fi franchises. All photos are provided courtesy of Toyark.

Aliens vs. Predator: As with previous Toy Fairs, NECA showed off Alien and Predator figures that are based on Dark Horse comic books, video games, and Kenner's toy lines from the '90s. This year will mark the release of Dutch Schaefer and Linn Kurosawa, NECA's last two figures that are based on Capcom's coin-op arcade Aliens vs. Predator game from 1994. Dutch and Linn are the game'…

Joker vs. Green Goblin, Collectibles Edition

In the world of comic book superheroes, imitation is pretty common. Superheroes and supervillains from both DC and Marvel share so many similarities (e.g., origin stories, super powers, costume designs, story arcs, etc.) that it can be difficult at times to distinguish one character from another. In fact, such similarities are so ingrained into superhero franchises that even talented artists can't add anything new to them. Just ask Rick Baker.

Fans of horror and sci-fi flicks should know who Baker is--he's contributed his amazing talents to the make-up effects of dozens of movies since the '70s. DC Collectibles has enlisted Baker to produce a new life-size, limited edition bust of The Joker (see above), which is scheduled for release in October. In an interview he did with The Hollywood Reporter, Baker said, "I wanted to make a version of the Joker that’s never been done before ... I had a blast sculpting my version of the Joker and exploring his twisted and demente…