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Mego Adds Invisible Man, Nosferatu and Freddy Krueger to its Horror Figure Line

Whenever I see an action figure line that leads with Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and a Wolf Man, I usually expect other classic Universal monsters to follow (The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bride of Frankenstein, etc.). Yet as recent announcements indicate, Mego has different plans for its new monster figures.

Alien: Covenant - David’s Drawings: Dissections of a Cosmic God Complex

Over the years, I’ve built up quite a library of art books from various movies. Usually, these glossy coffee table books contain photos of concept art, production models, and set environments. Alien: Covenant – David’s Drawings, which was published by Titan Books last year, looks and feels like one of these art books. However, it is so much more: It’s both a crucial component of the Alien: Covenant story and a significant addition to the Alien saga as a whole.