NECA's Big Red Predator: From Fan Film to Collectible Figure

I'll say this for the Predator franchise: Even though Hollywood doesn't have a clear idea of what to do with it, this creative property sure does produce some fascinating merchandise. Even though it only has produced only three stand-alone movies and two crossover movies during the last quarter century, Predator merchandise has included comic books, novels, video games, and collectibles that range from never-before-seen mask and creature designs to replicas of Predators from both the movies and the comic books. The fourth Predator movie appears to be stuck in development hell, but that hasn't stopped NECA from moving into new Predator merchandising territory.

NECA will be releasing the Big Red Predator figure, the first--and so far only--Predator figure that's based on a fan-made film. This seven-inch figure is based on a Predator that was seen in the 2003 fan film Batman: Dead End. In addition to the bold color scheme of its armor, the figure also comes with interchangeable hands and two katana swords.

The rear packaging for the Big Red Predator figure.

While it may seem unusual for NECA to use a fan film as the source of a new Predator figure design, it should be noted that Dead End was directed by special effects veteran Sandy Collora. Collora's professional work includes creature design work for films such as Leviathan, Jurassic Park, Men In Black, and Predator 2. Click here to see more pictures of the Big Red Predator figure, which is scheduled for shipping in January 2013.


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