Go, Go Godzilla! Introducing Bandai's S.H. Monsterarts Toy Line

Action figures have evolved significantly over the last few decades, from figures that featured limited details and articulation points to those that are almost flawless replicas of popular characters and feature articulation points in the double digits. One of the lines that has faced many challenges in updating its designs has been the action figure line of Godzilla and his various kaiju allies and enemies. While many of the recent Godzilla action figures are very detailed and movie-accurate in their appearances, they often feature a limited range of articulation.

Solving this problem is Bandai, which just announced the upcoming November launch of their S.H. Monsterarts toy line. According to the Infinite Hollywood site, this new line will be a spin-off of Bandai's S.H. Figurearts line and it will be devoted to the Godzilla franchise. The first release from the new line will be a six-inch figure of Godzilla himself that will have 29 points of articulation--a first for any Godzilla figure--and it will include bonus "heat effect" parts.

The second figure that is scheduled for release in December will be of MechaGodzilla, and it will feature die cast metal parts and bonus "Mega Buster" effect parts.

Unfortunately, these figures will be far from cheap: Godzilla will go for $75 and MechaGodzilla will go for $90. So you can either start saving your money now, or you can satiate your kaiju cravings in the meantime by picking up Revoltech's super-poseable (and slightly cheaper) kaiju figures that include Anguirus, Gamera, Gigan, Mothera and Rodan.


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