2012: The Year of the Ultimate Bruce Shark Collector’s Set

When it comes to scale-accurate Jaws replicas, you can't go wrong with Shark City Ozark. I've previously posted about their Jaws-related work here and here, and 2012 marks their most ambitious Jaws project yet: The Ultimate Bruce Shark Collector’s Set, which will consist of four 1/12 scale maquettes that are modeled after the mechanical sharks used in each of the four Jaws movies. Each maquette will be released quarterly, with the first one based on the original mechanical shark used in Jaws.

You're gonna need a bigger display case.

The first maquette measures 25 inches in length and it includes the following:
  • Removable pectoral fins to match behind the scenes photos, as well as accurate fin gaps.
  • Modeling based on the new and untested platform sharks, before they sustained damages during the location filming of Jaws at Martha's Vineyard.
  • A free hand-crafted stand and a Certificate of Authenticity.
You can place your pre-order for the first maquette here, which will begin shipping before the end of March. Keep checking back at the Shark City Ozark site throughout this year for the upcoming releases of the maquettes for Jaws 2, Jaws 3D and Jaws: The Revenge.


  1. I absolutely love jaws. Ive been obsessed with it since jaws 1. I read another one of your articles and I was heartbroken to find out none of them were preserved. Sigh. But loved the article

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kathryn! Yeah, it's horrible that Universal didn't bother to preserve any of the Jaws mechanical sharks--all the more reason why I'm thankful for Shark City Ozark for doing such fantastic work at re-creating the sharks in such amazing detail.


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