Goodbye JawsFest DVDs, Hello TalkFest Online Radio Show!

When we last left Lou and Dianna "Yana" Pisano, they had finished their trilogy of excellent JawsFest DVDs (read my reviews of the DVDs here and here). At the conclusion of the third JawsFest video, the Pisanos announced that they would not make any additional JawsFest DVDs. Thus, the Pisanos' contributions to the fan culture of the Jaws franchise is over ... or is it?

Last month, I heard that the Pisanos were considering their own online radio show called Lou and Yana's TalkFest. They aired their first episode on December 23, and Lou and Yana are as affable as ever. They take calls from fellow fans, play music, and discuss their many favorite franchises, such as the Jaws, Halloween and Superman movies and TV shows such as The Incredible Hulk and The Six Million Dollar Man. They also broadcast material they collected from their previous fan endeavors, including Lou's interview with Joe Alves that he recorded as part of his Jaws 2 retrospective that's being published in SCREAM magazine. They are on the air every Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST, and each episode is about an hour in length. It's a great fan-friendly radio show, and you can listen to episodes here on the BlogTalkRadio site.

Yet if you miss the Pisanos' video productions now that their JawsFest trilogy is over, never fear. Lou has set up his own channel on YouTube, where you can see some additional JawsFest snippets and two HalloweenFest video shorts. Check it out here.


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