Lego Update: Ghostbusters and Star Wars

With its first theatrically released movie debuting in a few days and more licensed merchandise on its way, Lego is doing extremely well for itself. Here’s an update on two geek-centric licenses that Lego has in its ample portfolio:

Ghostbusters: While a third Ghostbusters movie remains stuck in development hell, Lego is moving ahead with its first Ghostbusters Ectomobile kit in honor of the first movie’s 30th anniversary. The kit was designed by Brent Waller as part of Lego’s CUUSOO project, a project that allows fans to submit their own designs to Lego for possible release. The kit will include minifigs of all four Ghostbusters and the ghost Slimer. Waller’s original design included flashing lights and working sirens, although it hasn’t been determined if these features will be part of the official kit. The kit will be released later this year.

Another Lego fan, Alex Jones (a.k.a. Orion Pax), also designed a playset based on the Ghostbusters’ firehouse headquarters. Although this playset is not scheduled at this time be a Lego-licensed Ghostbusters kit, you can click here to see the incredible amount of detail that Jones put into his brick-based recreation of Ghostbusters HQ.

Busting ghosts, Lego style.

Star Wars: As part of its ever-expanding line of Star Wars kits, Lego has been providing previews for its summer 2014 line of new licensed kits. While most of these kits are based on vehicles and locations from the original trilogy, two are based on vehicles from the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels animated series: The Ghost and Phantom. According to details that have been released about Rebels, the Ghost is a ship that will serve a similar purpose in the series as the Millennium Falcon did in the original trilogy--namely, as the ship the heroes use to go on missions and transport cargo that’s crucial to the Rebel Alliance.

The Phantom looks to be a smaller vehicle than the Ghost, with a smaller crew and lesser transportation capabilities. It looks like a Y-Wing fighter that has been stripped down and repurposed to function as a shuttle.


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