NRH Collectables Gets “All Banged Up” For Jaws

I just received word from NRH Collectables owner/sculptor Nigel R. Humphreys that the next item in his company’s line of Jaws dioramas is ready for order. Check this out:

The previous diorama from NRH depicted the estuary scene, when Chief Brody's son Mike has a close encounter with a monster shark. This latest release, “All Banged Up!”, is inspired by another memorable moment when Brody and marine biologist Matt Hooper find the battered remains of a boat owned by Amity fisherman, Ben Gardner.

As with its previous releases, NRH has gone out of its way to recreate this shocking Jaws scene. While the main piece with Gardner's severed head peeking out of the boat's hull is impressive unto itself, I'm amused by the inclusion of a shark's tooth and an underwater flashlight--the two items that Hooper drops when Gardner's disembodied noggin pops out to make a postmortem greeting.

Click here to see more pictures of this exciting new diorama and to place your order. Don’t wait--only 100 copies will be made, so get your piece of Jaws history today!


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