Welcome to Titans, Terrors, and Toys!

Hello, and welcome to Titans, Terrors, and Toys, a blog I'm putting together as part of my ongoing appreciation of the horror and science fiction genre and the fan cultures that keep them interesting. This blog will take a nostalgic look at stuff from the past, make informed observations about events in the present, and eagerly contemplate future possibilities for horror/sci-fi entertainment. In short, I'll be rambling a lot, and hopefully some of it will be amusing and enlightening (if not coherent). So pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and enjoy!


  1. Hi Tim, I’m trying to get a hold of you to review our film entitled Peelers. I apologize for writing here but cannot find any contact info. Please drop me a line at peelersthefilm@gmail.com. Feel free to remove this comment if you so desire. Thanks!


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