Wii Want Tron

Of all of the films that I'm looking forward to this year, I've definitely got high hopes for Tron Legacy. I wasn't a big fan of the first Tron from way back when in the 80s, yet it was fascinating in the sense that it was both so high-tech and yet so primitive at the same time. For as advanced as the film looked, the conceptual foundation of the plot was like something, say, a caveman would tell you if you ever showed him a computer and asked him how it worked. He'd probably tell you that the computer contains a bunch of tiny, glowing people inside and they are the ones who make it work, just like in Tron . . . well, he'd tell you that, providing that he wouldn't try to bash your skull in first in response to you scaring the bejesus out of him with your magical, flickering doohickey.

Nevertheless, Tron Legacy looks to be a blast--the first preview for it was equal parts glossy, high-tech VR cool and dark, mysterious cyberpunk dread. Now with that said, I really want to know: Where is my Tron video game for the Wii?

Come on, Nintendo, you're killing me here. You've proven that you can do some impressive, heavily stylized graphics in titles such as MadWorld, and you've shown that you can do some very accurate disk-throwing, handlebar-using game play with the Wii Motion Plus and the Wii Sports Resort title. Both of these would be ideal for a Wii game involving deadly disc-throwing and high-speed lightcycle racing in the virtual world of Tron. At the very least, Wii should do a Wii Sports Resort: Tron Edition, with a neon blue island filled with various neon Miis doing Tron-a-tized variations of the sports already available in the title. A geek can dream . . . .


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