An Eight Legged Freak of Lego

It's two great tastes that taste great together: Legos and big monster bugs. This lovely giant spider was built by Lego hobbyist Jason Ruff (a.k.a. Doctor Mobius) for the Battlebugs Creepy Crawlers Build Challenge. Go to Ruff's Flickr page to see more pictures so you can appreciate the full detail of this creepy-crawly creation--Ruff even went to the trouble of covering the spider with Lego levers to provide the creature with 'hair'. Now, all this guy needs to add is two Lego jets with spring-loaded missles, a Lego mini-figure of a disfigured mad scientist, a couple of Lego mini-figure police, army soldiers and cows, and a two-story Lego house so the huge Lego spider can peep through a second story window at a Lego mini-figure that looks like a young Mara Corday, and he'd have the perfect Lego play set for the classic big bug movie Tarantula (1955). Sadly, it'll never happen. Such a missed opportunity, especially since a Lego play set for Them! (1954) would be really awesome too.


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