Attack of the Giant Lawn Ornament, Part 2: Revenge of Survivor!

When we last left the big bug lawn ornament in Stoystown, PA, I posted a bunch of pictures on this blog to give you a clear picture of what this 9 foot tall fiberglass mantis looks like. Since then, I've been able to speak directly to the bug's owners at the Second Time Around shop, and they provided plenty of extra information to me about this unique display:

  • The big bug's official name is "Survivor", which was selected as part of a fundraising contest for Easter Seals.
  • Before arriving at Second Time Around, Survivor's previous owner was the proprietor of the Roof Garden Gift Shop in Boswell, PA, which burned down in 1984. The owner purchased Survivor somewhere in Virginia in 1964, along with a companion piece: a large brontosaurus, which is now located in Altoona, PA. (Imagine what kind of spectacular monster movie that would be--Giant Bronto vs. Mega-Mantis!)
  • The owners of Second Time Around regularly dress up Survivor for various events and holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas. 
  • Over the years, Survivor has been shot, vandalized, and stolen--a pretty tough life for a giant insect predator. As the pic above demonstrates, Survivor is no stranger to dismemberment.
Click the link below to see more pictures and articles about Survivor, courtesy of Second Time Around.


Is this a pic of Survivor dressed up, or a never-before-seen production photo of
an early Judas Breed design for Mimic? You be the judge.

So many food choices, so little time.


  1. I love Survivor and wished that I had one in my front yard. My neighbors would be so impressed.

    Featuring you on my blog.

  2. May have permission to repost the santa claus picture in the write up?

  3. I know what you mean--I wish I had a Survivor statue too. All I've got right now are four gargoyles.

    As for using the Santa Claus Survivor picture on your blog, go right ahead--just be sure to credit the Second Time Around shop in Stoystown, PA as the source of the photo. Also, whatever you choose to mention about Titan, Terrors & Toys would be welcome as well. :)


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