This Weekend: Blood Sweat & Fears III

It's the Halloween season--the perfect time to take in some creepy, crazy live entertainment, whether it's in the form of haunted house attracts or stage shows. If you live in the Washington DC area, the Molotov Theatre Group, the local masters of Grand Guignol, is ready and willing to meet your petrifying and perverse performance art needs.

This weekend, Molotov will be performing Blood Sweat & Fears III: The Red Velvet Curtain at the 1409 Playbill Café in Washington DC. Like its two predecessors, Blood Sweat & Fears III is made up of three one-act plays. This year's trilogy includes the following tales:
  • "Private Room Number Six", directed by Kevin Finkelstein: An unscrupulous general tries to have his way with a sweet young thing--who is not what she pretends to be. 
  • "I Want to Go Home", directed by Lucas Maloney: A desperate housewife tries to put the spice back into her marriage, and gets a most unexpected surprise.
  • "Person Unknown", directed by Lucas Maloney: A soldier returns to the woman he's fantasized over. His war injuries lead to horrible consequences for her.
The play selections are original adaptations of scripts from the 1920s London Grand Guignol by DC playwright Shawn Northrip, who collaborated with Molotov in their sold-out Capital Fringe Festival show, The Horrors of Online Dating. Performances will run from October 15, 2010 through November 13, 2010, every Wednesday through Sunday at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $20, and they can be purchased at the door or through Molotov’s site. Blood Sweat & Fears III: The Red Velvet Curtain will be performed without an intermission and late seating doesn’t happen, so be sure to get to the show early and with an empty bladder.


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