Star Wars Flashback: Empire Strikes Back Teaser Poster

Here's another interesting artifact from my personal geek archives: an Empire Strikes Back teaser poster from 1980 that also doubles as a collectible magazine. In the many years that I've been following sci-fi, horror and fantasy films, I've seen many one-shot collectors magazines devoted to a movie, and sometimes the magazines include posters from the movie to hang on your wall. This is the only example that I have of an item that tries to be both a magazine and a poster. Click below to see the "articles" from this poster, which are nothing more than summaries of locations from and events that happen in Empire with stills from the movie and conceptual artiwork by Ralph McQuarrie. (The poster itself was too large to scan, but it's just a larger version of the movie still featured on the cover above.) I have no idea whether this poster series continued after this first issue and if so, whether it lived up to its content promises as outlined in the Editorial bar. Read on....


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