Wii Got Tron Evolution: Battle Grids

I cannot tell a lie: A significant portion of this blog is devoted to my personal geek wish list, where I discuss collectible merchandise that I would like to own (or would've liked to have owned) and video games that I wish someone would make. Thus, it's nice to see that at least one of my wishes is coming true.

A few months ago, I kvetched about how there were no announced plans for a Wii Sports Resort-like video game to accompany the upcoming release of the Tron Legacy movie. Yet in a few days, a Tron Legacy game with game play similar to Wii Sports Resort will in fact be released for the Wii. It's called Tron Evolution: Battle Grids.

Battle Grids will have players fighting each other in various areas of the Tron world--Light Cycle Racing, Light Disc Battles, and so on. As far as I can see from the preview videos that are available online, Battle Grids seems a lot like the original Tron arcade game from 1982--as well as its 1983 arcade sequel, Discs of Tron--but with better graphics, head-to-head multiplayer competition, and more immersive game play. While it may not be the same thing as the Tron Evolution games that the other consoles are getting, it's still looking to be a worthy addition to the Wii collections of both casual gamers and Tron-o-philes alike. Wii is even getting its own neon blue Tron-themed Wiimotes; unfortunately, I don't think that you can Tron-ify your Mii as part of the Battle Grids experience.

Click here to see a preview video of Battle Grids by Game Spot from Comic-Con 2010, and click here to read additional information about the original Tron arcade game. If you still have a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, be sure to pick up Tron's other sequel, Tron 2.0: Killer App, which includes emulations of the previous Tron arcade games.


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