Killer Machines Love Killing People, But REAL Killer Machines Love Ducati Motorcycles (and Killing People)

A bit of sci-fi film trivia: What do The Matrix, Terminator and Tron franchises have in common, other than human-hating A.I. programs that run wildly amok? Ducati motorcycles, apparently.

Ducati has been making its rounds in Hollywood's product placement division, but for some reason it has become a recurring feature in movies that feature homicidal computers and their legions of deadly mechanical minions. Here's a brief timeline of Ducati's relationship with our future machine overlords:
  • In Matrix Reloaded (2003), Trinity rode a dark green 2001 Ducati 996 during the freeway chase scene. A 998 version of this bike was sold at dealerships starting in 2003 as part of a Matrix promotional tie-in.
  • In Terminator Salvation (2009), the filmmakers used Ducati’s popular Hypermotard 1100 as inspiration for the design of Skynet's Moto-Terminator units (see below). Actual Hypermotard bikes were also used for stunt scenes in the film. The Ducati bikes were a new addition this franchise's long list of motorcycles used by both human and cyborg characters.


  • In Tron Legacy (2010), both Kevin Flynn and his son Sam are avid Ducati fans, and Sam's proficiency with riding his Ducati bike plays a key role in his success in the deadly Light Cycle games in the virtual world of The Grid.
I guess the moral of the story here is that killer machines really do love Italian motorcycles, and are inclined to stalk and kill humans who can ride them like champions. However, there's no word so far on whether Borgs, Cybermen, Cylons or Daleks will be purchasing Ducati bikes anytime soon.


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