Bait 3D: I Need a Price Check on Tiger Sharks in Aisle Six

For fans of 3D sharksploitation movies, it looks like Christmas is coming early this year. In September, not only we see the release of Shark Night 3D here in the US, but Bait 3D will also be released in Australia at roughly the same time.

Bait 3D is about a group of people in a coastal Australian city who are trapped in a flooded supermarket after a tsunami, and a handful of tiger sharks are trapped in the store with them. This film has been written and directed by Russell Mulcahy, the same guy who brought us Highlander, The Shadow, Resident Evil: Extinction and Razorback, another Australian Jaws knockoff. You can watch a preview video on YouTube here, which gives an early look at the production of Bait 3D, and you can watch the first official trailer here.

Of the two monster shark movies, I think that Shark Night 3D will probably be the better film but I'm not completely dismissing Bait 3D just yet. Like Shark Night 3D, Bait 3D will also be using both CGI and animatronic sharks, so we could still get some effective, realistic scares out of this movie that would satisfy any monster movie fan. Regardless, now would be the perfect time for Universal to restore and re-release Jaws 3D on 3D Blu ray, so that it can later be combined with the 3D Blu ray releases of Shark Night 3D and Bait 3D for the ultimate 3D sharksploitation box set.


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