The Astonishing Art of Sym-Bionic Titan

A few weeks ago, I published a post about Cartoon Network's cancellation of Sym-Bionic Titan, Genndy Tartakovsky's most recent animated TV series. Through Titan, Tartakovsky breathed new life into the standard big 'bot cartoon formula through the successful combination of sly, self-aware humor, complex characters, and a diverse world that grew in scope and complexity with each successive episode. After the show's cancellation was announced, devoted Titan fans launched their own campaigns to get the show renewed. Last week, a Facebook community named "Help Sym-Bionic Titan Get Another Season" published some pictures of the background art that was used during the production of Titan's episodes.

I am re-posting these pictures here (click on the link below to see the full gallery), because they prove two things: 1) that Titan really needs to be renewed because no other animated show has ever looked this good, and 2) that Tartakovsky is an artist in the truest sense. Between his creative vision and established knowledge of both the strengths and limitations that are inherent in the production of a half-hour cartoon series, Tartakovsky can take a kid-friendly story about a giant robot from outer space that fights monsters and elevate it into sublime animated art.

The Titan art I'm re-posting here consists of backgrounds for both still and panning shots. These backgrounds were designed and painted by Titan production crew members Kevin Dart, Joseph Holt, Kristen Lester, Caesar Martinez and Scott Wills. Go to the Help Sym-Bionic Titan Get Another Season page for more information about this art and what you can do to help with the Titan renewal/continuation effort. TV shows that are this beautiful just shouldn't be cancelled.


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