Campy, Kooky Commercials Worth Watching: Dwayne vs. The Giant Robot

Apparently, somebody doesn't like Dwayne.

This commercial, which is titled "State of Chaos", relishes in kaiju humor, particularly with two of its 'victims' nonchalantly commenting on what the rampaging giant robot is doing to Dwayne's property--and finally Dwayne. Such humor suggests that the writer of this commercial took a page out of artist John Brosio's playbook when creating this ad for State Farm. If that is so, then I think that the folks at State Farm do not understand the Paul Verhoeven-esque satire that results from applying the style of someone like Brosio to an advertisement for an insurance company.

Man, that robot does not like OCP executives.

For more rampaging robot fun, go to State Farm's Chaos in Your Town site. (Trust me, it’s worth the visit.) You can also learn more about the commercial's production here and here.


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