A Review of Dark Horse's Aliens/Predator: Panel To Panel Book

As the U.S. release date of Prometheus draws closer, I'll wrap up my reviews of items from my personal Alien collection with a book by Dark Horse called Aliens/Predator: Panel To Panel.

If fans want good Alien artwork, they can either pick up books that feature artwork by the original Alien designer H. R. Giger or they can get behind-the-scenes books that detail the production of Alien, its sequels and its crossover spin-offs. Yet fans should not overlook Aliens/Predator: Panel To Panel, because it features Dark Horse's best comic art of the Alien and the Predator and their various incarnations. This book features page after page of full color art of facehuggers, chestbusters, Warrior Aliens and Alien Queens, as well as Predators and various Alien oddities.

Best of all, this book allows you to enjoy great Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator art without having to pick up the omnibus collections of each title. The quality of the Dark Horse stories range from good to mediocre to atrociously bad, and the quality of their art is just as variable. Thankfully, the less adequate artwork of Aliens and Predators is nowhere to be found in Aliens/Predator: Panel To Panel.


  1. Sweet book! The first I'm hearing about it. I own all the Predator omnibus, but I don't own any of the Aliens.

    I might look into picking this up. Thanks.

    1. Actually, I found this book purely by accident--I was looking for something else in the bookstore but found this instead. Dark Horse also did two "Panel To Panel" books for their Star Wars comics, but I'm not sure if they've done any others.

    2. Actually, I take back what I said before about not having any Aliens omnibus. Turns out I have two Aliens vs Predator omnibus.

      I'm thinking I have one too many books. Haha. :)

      I'll have to seek this book out.


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