Super 7 Will Release Kenner's Lost Alien Action Figure Line

Given how busy my schedule has been as of late, I haven't paid much attention to news from this year's Comic-Con. I have been dropping in from time to time on sites that have been covering this event and of all the stories I've read, one surprises me much more than the rest. Next year, a company called Super 7 will be releasing completed versions of Kenner's unreleased 3 and 3/4 inch action figures from the movie Alien.

You see, Kenner picked up the toy license for Alien back in 1979 after its line of Star Wars toys became a blockbuster success. Kenner thought that Alien would be the next big thing in sci-fi and it apparently didn't give much thought to the film's R rating or the genuinely terrifying nature of the film's titular creature. As a result, the few Alien items that Kenner did release--which included a board game and a 18 inch figure of the Alien--didn't sell well and the toy line was discontinued. A few Alien action figures were sculpted before the line ended, but they remained unreleased until Super 7 decided to finish what Kenner started.

Super 7's five figure set will consist of Ripley, Dallas, Ash, Kane (in a space suit) and the Alien. According to the Super 7 press release, the new figures will be similar to Kenner's Star Wars figures in that they will only have five points of articulation and they will be packaged on "period-authentic" blister cards. Super 7 also plans to release other kinds of Alien and Aliens merchandise, although whether that merchandise will include additional unproduced toys from the Alien franchise remains to be seen. Click here to see a list of unproduced merchandise at the Aliens Collection site.

Kenner's Alien figure from 1979.


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