Joe Dante's 3D Movie The Hole (2009) Will Arrive in U.S. Theaters This September

I just heard around the 'net that Joe Dante's 3D movie from 2009, The Hole, will finally make it to silver screens here in the U.S. this September. While I still can't pin down the details about how wide this release will be, all I can say is that it's about time.

The Hole is about two young brothers who find a heavily padlocked door in the floor of the cellar of their new house. After they open the door, they discover that they've unleashed a dark force that torments them with their deepest fears.

Why The Hole has been seen just about everywhere else but here is still a mystery to me. It was shot in Canada and it has a very American look and feel to it--it even won an award at the 2009 Venice Film Festival--and yet audiences in the U.S. will be the last ones to see it in the theaters. Furthermore, it's not like Joe Dante is an obscure or unproven director--he gave us such great films as Piranha, The Howling, Gremlins, Innerspace and Matinee, and yet his first 3D movie doesn't make it into American theaters until three years after its initial release? What gives?

Anyway, below are two interviews that I found with Dante that were done during The Hole's release overseas.


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