The Complete Batcave, Lego Style

If Bruce Wayne ever decides to re-design the Batcave, he may want to talk to these guys first:

Meet Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey, two Lego aficionados who took it upon themselves to make this astonishingly detailed Batcave replica. According to, "This is the culmination of about 400 hours of work over three months, completed in March. This intricate Batcave employs the use of four motors to operate some cool features, such as the Batmobile's turntable, a lift for the vehicle and a wall with rotating costumes and weapons. The masterpiece also integrates lighting, bringing to life this grand project. ... Weighing in at 100 pounds, the duo estimates the creation to use about 20,000 pieces 'but it’s probably much more.'"

Looking at pictures of this amazing feat, two things immediately came to mind:

1. This Batcave set dwarfs every other Batcave play set ever made, both in terms of details and features, with room for all of the iconic Bat vehicles.

2. I really, really need to pick up a copy of the Lego Batman 2 video game.

Click below to see more pictures of the Lego-ized Batcave.


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