KMD Artistry Restores Two of Hollywood's Classic Human-Insect Freaks of Nature

KMD Artistry, which is owned by visual artist Kelly Delcambre, specializes in restoring and replicating props and costumes that have appeared throughout Hollywood's history. To date, KMD projects have included replicating costumes from Universal's classic monster movies to restoring mechanical props used in films such as the original Fright Night (1985). Delcambre has also designed and produced many cosplay costumes, which are very remarkable in their own right. Yet with me being a huge fan of "Big Bug" movies, I wanted to call attention to one of KMD's restoration projects that is near and dear to my dark, twisted heart: the human-fly costumes from the original The Fly (1958) and its first sequel Return of the Fly (1959). Click below for more pictures of the human-fly monster restorations, as well as a few thoughts about how the restorations compare to the original costumes. All pictures are provided courtesy of KMD Artistry.

KMD's recreations of the human-fly monsters from the early Fly movies speak for themselves--they are very faithful to the original designs. The fly head from The Fly is closer to human proportions to accommodate the hood that concealed it through most of the movie, while the fly head from Return of the Fly is larger and more grotesque to add shock value to the sequel's lean, low-budget script.

Because KMD's fly head recreations are not meant to be worn by actors, additional details were be added to the heads and claws while others were removed. For example, David Hedison could move the fly head's proboscis in The Fly by using his mouth. As you can see from the replica produced by KMD below, the proboscis does not move because there is no one inside the mask to move it.

David Hedison in The Fly ... 

... and KMD's replica of The Fly.

The fly mask in Return of the Fly had two triangle-shaped patches of mesh fabric that were below the eyes, one on each side of the mouth. These patches were put in the mask to allow the actor who wore the mask to see and breathe.

The man-insect monster from Return of the Fly ...

... and the same monster mask on display at the "It's Alive!" Animatronics Exhibit at
the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, 2006.
Note the triangular patches on the lower half of the mask.

Since KMD didn't have to worry about an actor underneath the mask, additional monstrous details were molded into the fly head in place of the mesh patches.

 Kelly Delcambre and his Return of the Fly replica.

KMD's life-size Return of the Fly bust. 

The Delambre-Delcambre connection: Brett Halsey (who played Philippe Delambre 
in Return of the Fly) and Kelly Delcambre at Monsterpalooza 2010. 

Check out KMD Artistry's Facebook page and YouTube channel for more examples for Delcambre's amazing work. Click here for some additional commentary about the original Fly trilogy.


  1. Hello

    I'm a huge French fan of Insects and Big bug movies. My "work" ( non-professional) is inspired by these topics since 20 years : paintings ,diorama , sculpture in “papier maché” ... I have a project of performance with "Fly" rock music ( The Cramps , The Missfits ,Wire )...French “Fly” poetry ( "Charles Baudelaire : Une charogne" ) and live "teleportation" performance with at the end me in a human fly with a big "papier maché" head .I’m searching informations about “Return of fly" authorisation-copyrights ?
    Could you help me to give me some contacts?
    Unfortunately I don't have web site and Facebook page (I'll work on it!!) But If you are interested I'll could send you some pictures of my work!
    Apologise for my bad English and hope that I didn't disturb you!!

    Regards from Paris


    1. Thanks for commenting, teiSSr! I'm sorry that I can't help you with the Return of the Fly copyright issue, though. Other than contacting 20th Century Fox, the company that produced the original Fly movies, I don't know what else you could do.

      I would like to see your Fly pics--do you think you could share them with me through my Google+ account?

    2. Hello Tim
      Yes it could be a pleasure to share some pics with you .... but I need to create a account ?

  2. Possibly, although I think that you can view my account by going up to the "About Me" box above. Just click it and that should take you to my account. You should be able to reach me through there. If not, just let me know and I'll think of something else we can do.

    1. Tim ,Unfortunatly I didn't see the "about me" in your Profile google + .Do you have a new idea ?

    2. Did you try this?

    3. Tim , it doesn't work ! I'm very busy actually due to my nearest performancce show .
      I really want to show you my works ... I just have finish my last "Return Fly head"
      But I'll show you this ASAP

    4. Will any web sites be carrying information about your Fly show? If so, could you please post the links here?

  3. Hello Tim
    I didn't forget you !I just have finished a web site :Here you can see my Return Fly head in paper maché :!/zoom/cuot/image_1z1d.
    And if you look at "performance" you could see a short video of the "show" .

    1. Wow--that was fantastic! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hi Tim, this is Kelly. Thank you so much for posting this store.

    1. You're most welcome! I LOVE your work.


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