Attention All Star Wars Fans: Act Now to Support The Clone Wars!

In my last post, I looked at what has been revealed to be the last episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, since it ended its run on Cartoon Network and Disney has no plans to continue it on any of their TV channels. As I was drafting the text for that post, I came across a message from Supervising Director Dave Filoni about the future of Clone Wars, a message that hinted at further Clone Wars adventures in the future (not as a TV series but in some other unspecified format) and it included new animated footage.

Unfortunately, the news I read yesterday took a more dire turn: According to several sources, the creative team behind Clone Wars is being disbanded and its members are either being assigned to new projects or are being let go. Along those lines, rumors have surfaced that Disney is severely downsizing Lucasfilm Animation and handing all future Star Wars TV projects over to an existing TV operation, thus further reducing the likelihood of Clone Wars ever seeing a proper resolution to its many storylines.

I think that Disney is doing a tremendous disservice to Star Wars fans by leaving the Clone Wars series unfinished. It added a significant amount of depth to the saga as a whole, and it served as a prime example of how good TV animation can be with the right amount of talent and effort. If you would like to contact Disney to express your support for future seasons of Clone Wars, go to the Save the Clone Wars site for more information on what you can do. You can also check out the Alliance To Restore The Clone Wars page on Facebook. May the Force be with The Clone Wars!


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