Flying RC Model Hobbyists Take to the Skies with Terminator and S.H.I.E.L.D.

When it comes to being jealous of people who are more talented than me in the area of making horror and sci-fi replicas, I prefer to prioritize. I'm jealous of people who can assemble model kits so they appear nearly flawless; very jealous of people who can make professional-looking customized model kits and/or toys; and extremely jealous of people who can make customized model kits and/or toys that can move in some way, either along the ground, on/under the water, or through the air. In the last category, I recently found two talented hobbyists who were able to make vehicle replicas from the Terminator saga and last year's Avengers movie that could actually fly. Click below to read more about these amazing RC replicas and see video clips of each model in action.

The first hobbyist is from Russia, and he goes by the name of Native 118. He built two customized RC replicas that caught my eye: one based on the aerial HK design from Terminator and Terminator 2, and one based on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier design from the Avengers movie. What's particularly impressive about the Helicarrier replica is that it floats on water and can launch itself into the air while in the water. Check out the videos below to see the models demonstrating what they can do.

Here’s a short video provided by Native 118 that provides an overview about how he assembled his HK model:

The other hobbyist is from Colorado and goes by the name kahloq. Inspired by Native 118's flying HK, he built a flying remote controlled aerial HK drone unit based on the design from Terminator 3. The main difference between the two flying Terminator models is that the Native 118 model has two fans on the outside with a third hidden in the nose, while kahloq's model has three fans on the outside according to the original T3 design. The video below provides some footage of this HK model in flight, as well as an overview of how kahloq built and tested his model.


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