Want to Add a Slender Man Doll to Your Horror Collection? Nevermore Toys and Kickstarter Can Help!

Early this year, I published a post about toy designer Richard T. Broadwater’s Kickstarter campaign to launch Legendary Monsters, a series of highly-detailed action figures that are based on cryptozoological legends such as the Mothman and the Chupacabra. Since then, Broadwater and his company Nevermore Toys have expanded their selection of fantastical frights to include a legend from the modern digital age: the Slender Man.

While Nevermore Toys’ Slender Man doll is not officially part of the Legendary Monsters series, it makes for a great complementary piece to the Legendary Monsters figures. According to various online sources, the Slender Man is actually a creation of a “paranormal pictures” Photoshop contest back in 2009, but the Slender Man has gone on to have a life of his own. Like the creatures in the Legendary Monsters series, the Slender Man legend has yielded plenty of blurry pictures and bone-chilling tales since his first appearance four years ago--so much as that an entire Wikia site has been created to catalog his ever-expanding lore.

Nevermore’s Slender Man is a 32" plush doll that is being created with the finest fabrics and materials to provide a soft yet durable toy. Click here to go to the official Slender Man Kickstarter page for more information about the figure and what you can do to support its production and release. Nevermore is also distributing a limited number of Slender Man illustrations, which are being made available either with the doll or individually. Each print is limited to 30 and will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Nevermore’s previous experience with Kickstarter succeeded in launching the first series of Legendary Monsters figures. Since the initial campaign, Legendary Monsters has been slightly modified to include a role-playing game component. (After all, what’s the point of collecting so many horrific beasts if you can’t make them fight each other?) With any luck, the Slender Man doll campaign will be equally as successful.

Series one of Nevermore Toys' Legendary Monsters series.
Note the retro Aurora monster model kit packaging style.


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