Zombie Babies Infect Spirit Halloween Product Lines

Being a horror fan, I naturally consider myself to be an aficionado of the Halloween holiday season. Nevertheless, my recent visit to a Spirit Halloween store revealed to me how far I am behind the times in recognizing Halloween awesomeness, an awesomeness that's so awesomely awesome that it's criminal for it to be limited to just one season. The awesomeness that I'm talking about is Spirit Halloween's line of "Zombie Baby" props and costumes.

Watch your back, Anne Geddes--they're coming to get you!

Sure, the fusion of horrific imagery and themes with children and things aimed at children has long been a staple of horror art, merchandising and storytelling. What Spirit Halloween has done is take this to a new level by providing a wide selection of props and costumes (some motorized, some not) that make little bundles of joy look like newborn nightmares. When I say "wide selection", I mean just that--it felt like all that was missing from Spirit Halloween's insane zombie infant inventory were replicas of the Crawler and Lurker Necromorphs from the Dead Space video game series. Click below to see a selection of Spirit Halloween Zombie Baby items that will add an extra layer of delirium to your Halloween festivities.

I suppose I could provide descriptions of each of these products, but I think that the products' pictures and names speak quite well for themselves. Obviously, Spirit Halloween put a lot of thought and effort into these, so much so that I'm surprised that they aren't being released as some kind of monster baby collectible figure line. They're like the spiritual successors to the Garbage Pail Kids card series from Topps, only gorier; you can even get "adoption certificates" for them. Here's a selection of the props:

 Snack Time Zombie Baby

Baby Fat Zombie Baby 

Stabby Zombie Baby (with battery-powered stabbing action)

Jugular Jimmy Zombie Baby

Evil Rag Doll (with bloody needle-gnawing action)

Hugh R. Tasty Zombie Baby

Thumb Sucker Zombie Baby (extra thumbs not included)

Brain Eata Zombie Baby

Isabella Zombie Baby

Agony Ann Shoulder Baby

For those of you who would prefer to get more interactive with the terrifying tykes, here are some of the "Baby Harness Spinner" costumes:

Go to the Spirit Halloween site to check out the full selection of Zombie Baby items. Some of the products have already sold out, so place your orders now while supplies last.


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