Kenner's Imperial Troop Transporter Gets Lego-ized

As I mentioned in a previous post, the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels animated series will incorporate some of Kenner's classic Star Wars toy designs as part of the series' selection of vehicles and weaponry, such as Kenner's Imperial Troop Transporter toy. Thus, it makes sense for avid Lego hobbyist BaronSat (a.k.a. Eric Druon) to make a Lego version of the Troop Transporter that's in scale with official Lego Star Wars minifigs. Check it out:

BaronSat's Lego Imperial Troop Transporter (above) and Kenner's original toy (below). 

Click below to see more pictures of BaronSat's Lego version of the Imperial Troop Transporter, along with a new Lego Hoth playset that he recently produced that draw inspiration from Kenner's short-lived Star Wars Micro Collection line.

BaronSat does incredible work with Legos and his interpretation of the Imperial Troop Transporter is no exception. As you can see in the photos below, his Troop Transporter includes almost all of the features as the original toy, such as opening front and rear panels and six side compartments that can hold minifigs.

BaronSat has also produced another minifig-scaled Star Wars playset that represents the Rebel base on Hoth, as seen in Empire Strikes Back.

If you look closely at the Lego Hoth playset, which includes the Rebels' ion cannon, blast door and shield generator, you'll notice that it bears some similarities to two play sets from Kenner's Star Wars Micro Collection line: the Hoth Ion Cannon and the Hoth Generator Attack playsets. (Photos below provided courtesy of

While BaronSat's new Lego Hoth playset isn't a scale-accurate replica of the Micro Collection Hoth playsets, it nevertheless includes some of the features of the original playsets (such as an observation tower and an opening blast door) and it is complementary to BaronSat's previous Lego re-creation of Kenner's Imperial Attack Base playset.

Check out BarsonSat’s official site and Flickr pages for more examples of his work. You can also order custom Lego kits and custom kit instructions from him on his site.


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