Mego Spider-Man Swings Back into Action with Diamond Select and EMCE Toys

For a company that went out of business back in the '80s, Mego has never been more popular among toy aficionados than it is now. Its classic 8-inch action figures, which are known for multiple points of articulation, well-sculpted heads and cloth suits, have found their way past classic Mego collectors and customization hobbyists and into many contemporary licensing campaigns. At this moment, Mego style action figures can be purchased from popular franchises such as Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, The Twilight Zone, Six Million Dollar Man, The Venture Bros. and the original Battlestar Galactica. DC Comics has been particular active in releasing Mego versions of their superhero characters, both as re-releases of the original Mego DC figures from the '70s and new figures through EMCE Toys' Retro-Action line. In contrast, Marvel Comics hasn’t been doing anything to hop on the Mego bandwagon ... until now.

Pre-orders are currently being taken for the Spider-Man Limited Edition Retro Action Figure Set, which is being released by Diamond Select Toys and EMCE Toys in October of this year. Not only does the set include a spot-on replica of Mego's original Spider-Man figure from the '70s, but it also comes with different costumes, accessories and interchangeable heads and hands so the figure can be dressed up as a '60s era Peter Parker and a slightly different version of a Mego Spider-Man action figure. Click below to for more details and to see more pictures of this deluxe figure set.

While the Peter Parker design that’s available in this set is a nice nod to Parker’s early days, it is not the only Mego-styled Peter Parker action figure that’s been released. Back in 1974, Mego released a limited set of figures called the Secret Identity line exclusively through Montgomery Ward. The Secret Identity line was meant to complement Mego's DC and Marvel action figures, and the figures included Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Peter Parker. The Secret Identities Parker was based on how he was usually drawn in the comics during the '70s, not during the '60s when Parker still wore glasses during a few early issues.

The new Peter Parker figure (left) and Mego's original Secret Identity figure.

I’m not sure what the alternate Spider-Man figure is for, although it does offer nifty details such as red boots and underarm webbing. I’m assuming that the extra belt and external web shooter are nods to the short-lived live-action Spider-Man TV series that ran on CBS from 1977 to 1979, although the head sculpt doesn't match that particular look.

The alternate Mego Spider-Man (left) and the live-action TV Spider-Man from the '70s.

The new Mego Spider-Man set from Diamond Select and EMCE will be limited to 3,000 pieces at $80 each. Future Marvel Retro Action releases are scheduled to include Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine.


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