Star Wars Diecast Vehicles are Returning to Our Galaxy

Three diecast Star Wars vehicle replicas from the late '70s.

With more and more news stories appearing online about the next Star Wars movie and the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels cartoon, it only makes sense that the merchandising wing of the franchise is going to hope on the hype bandwagon. Of the upcoming toy releases, one harkens back to a long-standing tradition within the Star Wars fan community: miniature diecast vehicles.

There’s never been a shortage of Star Wars vehicle toys and model kits, but I always had a soft spot for the die-cast replicas because they provided movie-accurate scale proportions and details without requiring competent model-building skills to assemble them. Hasbro’s Titanium Series was the most recent line to carry diecast Star Wars vehicles, but that line also included replicas from other franchises such as Transformers and Battlestar Galactica. According to, the new series is being released by Disney and each vehicle will be available in two sizes: the smaller vehicles, which will sell for $9.95, and the larger deluxe vehicles, which will sell for $19.95. Early word has it that the deluxe vehicles will be closer in size to Hasbro’s line of Action Fleet vehicles.

Click below to see photos of the prototypes based on vehicles from the original trilogy (photos provided by Please note that the photos are of the prototypes and not the final products.


Darth Vader's TIE Advanced Starfighter

Millennium Falcon

Slave I


Speeder Bike

TIE Fighter

X-Wing Fighter


  1. These are going to be awesome. Thanks for posting them. :)

    1. You bet! I wasn't collecting much during the Action Fleet era of Star Wars, so to see something like this make a comeback to two different sizes of diecast replicas is wonderful.


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