Red, White and Mego: Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Retro Captain America 8″ Figure Set is Available for Pre-Order

Diamond Select Toys has just announced that it is taking pre-orders for the next installment in its Marvel Retro series of limited edition 8-inch Mego figure sets: Captain America. The first set for Spider-Man was announced a few months ago, and upcoming sets are rumored to include Iron Man and Wolverine.

Like the Spider-Man set, the Captain America set will be a limited edition that features a precise recreation of the original 1973 Mego Captain America action figure along with additional head and hand sculpts, costumes, and accessories. Unlike the Spider-Man set, none of the head sculpts, costumes or accessories will include nods to the '70s era live-action TV version of this superhero. Then again, the '70s weren't very kind to Cap, since that particular incarnation (played by Reb Brown) looked to merge him with attributes from motorcycle stunt superstar Evel Knievel, presumably for merchandising reasons. Even HYRDA wouldn't be that cruel.

Captain America from the '70s: Genetically-enhanced Super Soldier 
and motorcycle stunt attraction. Top that, Chris Evans!


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