The Son of Brundlefly Returns in IDW's The Fly: Outbreak

This March, IDW will publish the first of a five-issue miniseries called The Fly: Outbreak. The miniseries will take place after the events of The Fly II and Martin, the half-human/half-insect offspring of the late Seth Brundle, is still struggling to cure his mutated DNA. Yet what looks like a potential cure to his problem yields a pathogen that is capable of turning anyone into a genetically scrambled insectoid monster.

Unfortunately, Outbreak is not an adaptation of the Fly spinoff script that David Cronenberg himself wrote a few years ago but was rejected by Fox. Still, Outbreak sounds like an interesting return to a Cronenberg-esque world of body horror and human-insect hybrids, so I'll probably be picking up all five issues. I also noticed that even though the bugs that appear on the above cover of the first issue are probably supposed to be flies, they bear a passing resemblance to the larvae of another genetically modified movie bug: the Judas Breed insects from the Mimic trilogy.

A Judas Breed larva puppet from Mimic 2.


  1. I love how the flies on the cover art have been suped up to appear menacingly sci-fi. Not an easy thing to pull off with the common housefly, haha.

    1. Yeah. It makes me wonder what new kinds of bug freaks will be introduced in this miniseries. I can't wait!


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