Bandai and Action Toys are Giving Classic Machine Robo Figures an Upgrade

What's really cool? Robot toys. What's cooler than that? Upgrading robot toys.

Bandai and Action Toys are teaming up to release a series of high-end action figures that are based on the Machine Robo series of robot toys. Even though Machine Robo has undergone many changes throughout its history (click here to read my Machine Robo retrospective), the new figures will be based upon several designs from the early MR-600 line as they appeared in the Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos anime series.

As you can see from the prototype pictures provided, the new designs look extremely impressive, although the new MR-01 Bike Robo design isn't quite as detailed as the DX9 Toys version that was released last year. It is also unknown if these figures will ever become available outside of Japan, or if Bandai and Action Toys plans to visit other areas of Machine Robo's long history if these figures are a hit.


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