For (Belated) Star Wars Day: The Emperor's Throne Room (in Lego Form) from Kenner's Star Wars Micro Collection Line (UPDATED)

It's no secret that Lego bricks have become the go-to medium for many geeks who want to build detailed replicas of characters, vehicles and environments from their favorite fantasy and sci-fi franchises. However, few geeks use Lego to build replicas of franchise toys that were planned by toy companies but never made it past the prototype stage.

On the other hand, there's BaronSat (a.k.a. Eric Duron), who designs Lego kits for franchises that are both licensed and not licensed by Lego. For Star Wars, he has already provided instructions for Lego-scale replicas of toys that were made by Kenner during the original trilogy, toys such as the Imperial Troop Transporter, the Imperial Attack Base, and the Death Star World sets from Kenner's short-lived Micro Collection line. His latest kit is based on the unreleased part of the Death Star World: the Emperor's Throne Room from Return of the Jedi.

The story behind this toy is that after Kenner released its initial wave of Micro Collection sets and vehicles in 1982, it had several prototypes ready for the next wave. Some of those prototypes were expansions of the sets from the first wave, while others were based on new characters and locations from the upcoming Return of the Jedi sequel. The Emperor's Throne Room was bit of both: It was based on a specific location from Jedi, but it was designed to connect to the rest of the Death Star set, which was based on locations and characters from A New Hope. Unfortunately, because the Micro Collection line didn't sell very well, it was discontinued before any of the new sets and vehicles were released.

A photo of Kenner's prototype of the Emperor's Throne Room.

Thankfully, BaronSat is making the Emperor's Throne Room available for Kenner Star Wars toy completists, even though Kenner itself couldn't. It's an impressive looking set by itself and if you are willing to spend the money needed for the instructions and necessary parts, you can finally have the complete three-part Death Star World set that Kenner originally planned to release.

Click here to order a copy of building instructions for the Emperor's Throne Room. Click below to see a photo gallery of this amazing replica of a Star Wars Micro Collection set that never was.

UPDATE, 5/14/2016: Baronsat just added the option of getting the instructions for all three Micro Collection Death Star sets in a single purchase--check it out here. As you can see from the picture below, all three sets can be connected into a single set, with A New Hope coexisting alongside Return of the Jedi on two different Death Stars!


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