Geeking Out on the Go

Over the last few months, I've been facing many challenges to keeping this blog going. Most of them were technical--I was never in the right place to have the right tech with me to get blog posts done. Or so I thought.

It hadn't occurred to me that most of what I needed to blog was right there with me, and all I needed were a few extra, affordable add-ons--namely apps and portable keyboards--to keep bloggin' away. That's right: Even though I call myself a geek, it still took me some time to figure out what plenty of other geeks had already figured out.

Just about every IT device I interact with every day has a keyboard option of some sort, either through a touch screen display or a Bluetooth connection. Thus, the concept of "portable computing" that I've been reading about for years (for a decade, at least) had arrived and I didn't realize it. Boy, is my nerd face red ....

So thanks for staying with me, blog readers. I'll be taking this blog on the road with me, and I'll be taking you with me if you care to come along ... or that you don't lose your wireless signal.

All hail the Bluetooh keyboard!


  1. More power to ya.I've been a reader for years and still have you bookmarked.most all bloggers go through a dry spell...its allowed ;)

    1. Thanks Brian! I appreciate your support. :)


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