Joker vs. Green Goblin, Collectibles Edition

In the world of comic book superheroes, imitation is pretty common. Superheroes and supervillains from both DC and Marvel share so many similarities (e.g., origin stories, super powers, costume designs, story arcs, etc.) that it can be difficult at times to distinguish one character from another. In fact, such similarities are so ingrained into superhero franchises that even talented artists can't add anything new to them. Just ask Rick Baker.

Fans of horror and sci-fi flicks should know who Baker is--he's contributed his amazing talents to the make-up effects of dozens of movies since the '70s. DC Collectibles has enlisted Baker to produce a new life-size, limited edition bust of The Joker (see above), which is scheduled for release in October. In an interview he did with The Hollywood Reporter, Baker said, "I wanted to make a version of the Joker that’s never been done before ... I had a blast sculpting my version of the Joker and exploring his twisted and demented personality."

While I believe Baker is serious in his intent to design a unique piece of Joker merchandise, I couldn't shake the feeling that I have seen his Joker somewhere before. After some research online, it turns out I did--back in 2012, when Sideshow Collectibles released its life-size, limited edition bust of The Green Goblin. Check out the comparison pictures below.

The Goblin's eyes may be bigger, but both faces are very similar. If you painted Baker's Joker green and put a purple cap on it, could you tell the difference between the two busts?


  1. My first impression was "The Joker looks like the Green Goblin". My second impression was "The Green Goblin looks like Gollum".I would be interested to know if Mr Baker used both classic depictions of The Green Goblin and Gollum as inspiration.

    1. Good question! Give Baker's extensive background in makeup effects, I'd love to hear his answer to that question.


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