Muscular Movie Monsters Terrorize Funko’s Savage World Action Figure Line

Some time ago when I was in a deeply daft state of mind, I wondered what a He-Man parody would look like if it were mashed together with Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It would be called "Eat-Man and the Flesh Eaters of the Universe", where Prince Adam (the best chili chef in all of Eternia) uses the magic chainsaw he found at Castle Flayedskull to become Eat-Man, a Frank Frazetta-ized version of Leatherface. I guess somebody over at the Funko toy company must have read my mind because with its upcoming Savage World action figure line, that’s what we’ll be getting ... and then some.

In the Savage World line, Funko will be taking five icons of ‘70s and ‘80s horror—Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Pinhead, and Jason Voorhees—and reimagining them as hyper-muscular fantasy characters what would fit alongside He-Man and Thundercats action figures. These figures will be available in September, and below are the preview photos of the figures that Funko published online yesterday.

These figures look like fun, although if feels like something is missing from the Jason figure. If the Savage World Pinhead figure includes a Lament Configuration box as an accessory, then the Jason figure should include the severed head of his mother as it appeared in Friday the 13th Part II. Even in a Savage World, a good boy like Jason shouldn’t be without his dearly departed mom.


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