Build a Horde of the Undead with EMCE's Make Your Own Zombie Kit

As far as I know, action figure customization is a hobby that ranks high in both practice and prestige among die-hard fantasy, horror and sci-fi geeks. The more customizable types of action figure were those made by the now-defunct Mego Corporation. Mego's action figures had such a basic design that with the addition of customized costumes, accessories and head sculpts, they could be adapted for just about any fantasy, horror or sci-fi license. So, leave it up to EMCE Toys, the company that's determined to continue Mego's legacy, to release its own action figure customization kit ... with zombies!

During last February's Toy Fair 2011, EMCE displayed its "Make Your Own Zombie" Action Figure Customizing Kit as part of their Zombie Survival Headquarters booth. Scheduled to be released in the fall at the price of $49.99, this kit includes five heads and multiple torso and limb parts--each in varying states of decay, from freshly deceased to almost skinless--two clothing sets and three 8-inch action figure bodies. For budding action figure customizers, the kit also includes and instructional DVD that provides demonstrations by EMCE's own art staff on how to customize your do-it-yourself zombies. From what I've read about the kit, paints and other modeling supplies you will need to complete the customization process are not included.

EMCE's "Make Your Own Zombie" kit looks like a great addition to the collection of any action figure customizer, both beginner and advanced, and it will be available for purchase through Mego-style figure resellers or directly from EMCE Toys. Furthermore, the parts that come in the kit can be used with any other Mego-style action figure, so you can use them to zombie-fy any other Mego figure of your choice.

Additional coverage of EMCE's "Make Your Own Zombie" kit can be found at the Collection DX and Dread Central sites. Click below to see more pictures of this kit, as well as pictures of EMCE zombie merchandise for the more casual, less-customization-inclined zombie fan (read: me). The mechandise include Mego-style action figures based on the original classic zombie film Night of the Living Dead, as well as a new line of toys called "War of the Dead" that includes a "Zombie Containment Unit" and bags of classic miniature army men with equally miniature zombies. Let the battle begin!


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