Vizio LED 3D: Getting My Geek On in High-Definition

When I started writing this blog, I made it a point to keep this blog fresh by providing new content at least more than once per week. Unfortunately, I've been falling behind lately due to a new love in my life. For the last few days, my wife and I have been in a state of near-religious bliss as we devote hours of worship to our new secular, electronic idol: the Vizio 47-inch TruLED LCD 3D HDTV.

I'll be the first to admit that as horror/sci-fi geeks go, I'm pretty late to hop on the high-def bandwagon. Yet this was the first time in a while that we've had the money to get something like this, and it was worth the wait. Everything we've watched on this Vizio TV is absolutely gorgeous, from TV shows to movies to even high-def Wii video game footage we now get through the component cable we bought for the game system. We recently watched the Criterion release of the classic mystery film Green for Danger (1946) and it felt like we were in a movie theater. It's taken an act of sheer will to keep myself from locking myself in my house and treating myself to a mega-marathon viewing of all the Star Wars, Alien, Predator, Terminator, Pixar and Hayao Miyazaki films that I own. Best of all, because it's an LED TV, I get a great picture quality without the large electric bill that comes with the non-LED high-def TVs. Shameless self-indulgence, thy name is Vizio LED.

We haven't gotten the 3D glasses for this TV yet, so I can't comment on how good its 3D picture quality is. Nevertheless, I'm particularly excited about having an XVT model of the Vizio 3D TVs because of its compatibility with the Sensio 3D format. Sensio has been in the 3D home video market long before the high-def craze caught on and as far as I know, they're the only company that has shown any interest in releasing high-def home video versions of 3D movie classics such as Creature from the Black Lagoon, House of Wax and It Came From Outer Space. They've already released the official full-color home video 3D versions of Spy Kids 3D: Game Over and Jaws 3D, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they will release next for the die-hard 3D crowd.


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