Heidi Klum Exposed--In One of the Goriest Ways Possible

I know that this is dates back to last Halloween, but I just found it and I feel an overwhelming to put it on here because it's so wildly morbid. (Besides, red is a Yuletide color, right?) It turned out that at her last Halloween party, Heidi Klum had her body painted to resemble "a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off" (Klum's own words).

Excuse me, Ms. Klum? I think you misplaced your epidermis.

In order to make sure that her party guests noticed her unique costume, her entrance was equally priceless: She was wheeled in to the event on an autopsy table by two people who were also dressed as blood-spattered doctors. Did I mention that Klum was wearing high-heeled platform pumps with this costume? I suppose that even the horribly mangled still have to look chic at social events.

I have no idea how I missed this. Maybe I was too preoccupied with Klum's other Halloween costume, a full-body, Planet of the Apes worthy ape suit that she wore to another Halloween party. Her husband Seal wore a matching costume at the same event.

Click here to see more pictures of Klum's anatomically correct costume. I have to give Klum credit: For someone who doesn't earn her living in horror movies, her costume is an amazingly detailed work of gory art.


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