Two New Jaws Mechanical Shark Replicas from Shark City Ozark

A few days ago, Universal made an announcement that’s very bad news for Jaws fans. As of January 2, 2012, the Jaws attraction at Universal Studios Theme Park in Florida will be shut down permanently. For those of you fans out there who have never been on the Jaws ride and can’t make it there before its closing, you can check out the high definition video of the ride on YouTube (click here) that will give you a good idea of everything the ride offers. You can also stop by the “STOP The Closing of Jaws The Ride at USF” page on Facebook for ideas on what you can do to try to convince Universal to change its decision. Yet even with the ride closing, never fear--thanks to Mike Schultz and his team at Shark City Ozark, you’ll have a chance to come face-to-face with the legendary monster shark right in the (dis)comfort of your own home.

Back in 2010, Schultz sculpted a 37" long "Bruce Nose-to-Tail (NTT)" maquette, a scale-accurate replica of the full-body shark used in the first Jaws movie. How scale accurate, you ask? It's so scale accurate that it won praises from Jaws franchise veteran Joe Alves himself! Even though the entire inventory of the Bruce NTT maquette has completely sold out, Shark City Ozark is far from finished with Jaws. Available now are two more Bruce replicas, a 1/6-Scale Bruce bust (from snout to gills) and an 18-inch, 1/16th scale “Open Sided Shark”. The Open Sided Shark allows you to see a highly-detailed recreation of the mechanics that made Bruce move. To learn more about these replicas, check out these two videos from Shark City Ozark that discuss the specifics of each product.

Click here to learn more about how you can add either or both replicas to your Jaws memorabilia collection. Orders are going fast, and these two products will be discontinued on December 16th, so place your order soon!


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