Classic Movie Monsters Terrorize Toy Fair 2012!

Well, the annual Toy Fair has come and gone yet again. There were many familiar licenses present at this year's event, including Star Wars, DC and Marvel superheroes, and revived 80s-era toy lines such as G.I. Joe, He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers and Voltron. Yet among these popular titles were a few faces from Hollywood's classic creature features, thanks to Diamond Select.

I've already posted about how Lego is including classic movie monsters as part of its kit sets, and I mentioned how Diamond Select was continuing its Retro Cloth Universal Monsters line as part of the ongoing legacy of the Mego Corporation. Yet when I was looking through the comprehensive Toy Fair 2012 photo galleries on the Cool Toy Review site, I was very pleased to see that Diamond Select has much more in store for classic movie monster lovers in 2012. Click below to learn more about why you should be saving your money for this fantastic new items, along with pictures that were provided courtesy of Cool Toy Review.

I may have grown up with the Star Wars saga and the superheroes of the DC and Marvel universe, but nothing brings a smile to my face quite like whenever a toy company decides to pay tribute to the creature features of yesterday by releasing high-quality replicas of their titular monsters. (If anything, classic movie monster toys certainly deserve as much attention among fantasy, horror and sci-fi collectors as the umpteenth action figure, statue, bust, or model kit of Darth Vader, Batman, and Spider-Man.) Diamond Select already released high-quality action figures of Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and each of those figures came with equally impressive accessories. As you can see from the pictures below from Cool Toy Review, this year's selection will include the Phantom of the Opera, Quasimodo, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (two separate figures), and creatures from B-movie classics such as This Island Earth and The Mole People.

It should be noted here that Diamond Select is also releasing figures from yet another tribute to classic movie monsters: Mad Monster Party, a 1967 stop-motion animated film by Rankin/Bass Productions.

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